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Pay-Per-Call Leads Onboarding

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YMMY will service your campaign with no deposit nor monthly fees charged.

YMMY will create all ad assets for your lead generation campaign, according to your instructions to us.

YMMY will manage your lead generation campaign.

YMMY will cover the ad spend for your campaign.

YMMY will call back all the leads, qualify them, and then live transfer them to your front desk.

Our only charge is $70 per transferred call, charged to your card immediately upon hanging up.

YMMY will invite you to a Whatsapp or Text Message channel, where you can add your team members, and we'll respond to your messages by end of day.

You may cancel at any time by giving us a day's notice.

There are no refunds, and no guarantees for performance, revenue, nor anything else.

YMMY only promises to do what we promise to do.

You must pick up the phone when we live transfer to your designated number.

If you don’t pick up, we will send you the lead’s info, tell them you will be contacting them, and we’ll consider it a valid call for charging purposes.

You cannot use our assets (ads or scripts or forms) without our written approval.

Your front desk must employ best practices in customer care.

You are not entitled to any refund or chargeback, regardless of any results.

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