How To Launch For Maximum Success
— Without Falling Flat in the Process

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What’s the point of a launch? A launch can be for…
…A new product, brand, or idea.
…A fresh new feature for a known product.
…A re-launch for a stagnant brand presence.
…A seasonal campaign or promotion.
…A brand new event, or the new iteration of an old event.

In all of these cases, you have only one shot to make a powerful impact.

Why It’s Important To Reach Your Market Quickly

A proper Launch campaign can help you avoid spending months — or even years — to get noticed by your market. You and your team know that results mean very little if speed is not a factor.

Great brands around the world know and apply this. The fact that they remain at the top should be no surprise: They always get where they need to be quickly.

On the other hand, a message that is not launched properly is a huge risk: the risk of not ever reaching an audience… the risk of reaching them too slowly… These are risks your business simply can’t afford.

The Goals of a Launch

As you know very well, the goals of any successful launch are: attract the largest number of people in our target audience, lead them to pay attention, and finally, explain clearly what action you want them to take.

Achieving those goals, however, is not as simple.

The way most businesses launch their ideas makes consumers feel like they’re being suddenly pressured to buy, in a hostile environment. Do you know of anyone who actually enjoys feeling this way?

By releasing your announcement without following a proper blueprint, too many things could go wrong. People may hear about your launch, and just never take action. They may also never get to hear about you, and therefore never get a fair opportunity to make a decision on whether they should buy or not.

With so many possible decisions ahead, launching a new brand or product can be quite a confusing task…

…But it doesn’t need to be.

The Right Way To Launch

This is why we’ve created The Launch Recipe, a system of incremental steps that bring people from being fully unaware of you, to a point where they’re so passionate about your brand, that they become the ones who invite others to get close to you.

Our Launch Recipe is based on Six Levels of Involvement from being a “cold” audience member, until becoming passionately engaged. By following this Recipe, you can create powerful content and interaction opportunities at each Level, which move audience members closer and closer to you. This way:

  • You gather the largest audience possible before your Launch event
  • You ensure your Launch audience takes action
  • You empower said audience to amplify your message towards others

Here’s the big decision you have in front of you right now:
(A) Launch an explosive brand, or (B) timidly roll out with a little pop.

How will you treat your Launch?

Let’s face it, every day we’re bombarded with numerous offers for products and services, from all different sources… even those we want to pay attention to! In the end, however, we usually end up buying from those we like and trust the most.

Our Launch Recipe is based on building knowledge, interest, and trust from people who are most likely to buy into your offer. By implementing this Recipe, you methodically attract your audience — through six very defined Levels of Involvement — towards your brand, product, or idea.

The Levels of Involvement in our Launch Recipe are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Engagement
  • Expectation
  • Action
  • Referral

The first four occur before the Launch, which we call Pre-Launch Levels, while the last two are Post-Launch Levels. Let’s describe each one separately, beginning with the Pre-Launch Levels:

  • 1


    Prior to this level, your audience barely knows about you, if at all. At the Awareness level, we’re simply letting them know that among the universe of choices they can possibly make, your brand is one they should pay attention to.

  • 2


    At the Interest level, they will not only know about you, but you’ll also give them a specific reason why they should care. This is where you let them know why you’re different — and more desirable — than all those other options.

  • 3


    Once they’ve granted you their attention, it’s time to give them something to do — particularly, in exchange for more information. However, you’re not leading them to a purchase just yet. A call to action with a low barrier of entry, with some type of instant gratification, is ideal.

  • 4


    Assuming they’re satisfied with what they’ve engaged with, they will subscribe to know more, and particularly about when the Launch will happen. At this level, you communicate when and how you can give it to them.

After this level, the actual Launch takes place, and immediately afterwards come the Post-Launch Levels:

  • 5


    As soon as you pull the trigger on your Launch, you’ll want to immediately and clearly direct them towards some kind of action you desire them to take. Is it a direct purchase, a subscription, or just an invitation to reach out to you?

  • 6


    Once they’ve taken the action you desire, you’ll empower them to let others know about you… Creating new Awareness and Interest experiences for others.

As you’ve seen, our Launch Recipe attracts people closer and closer to you until your Launch, giving you the greatest possibility to engage them with what you’re offering.

At YMMY, we implement our Recipe by building targeted content for each of these Levels, intelligent distribution plans, and a solid process built to ensure maximum success.


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