How to Boost Your Online Presence
— for Fun and Profit

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Do you want to find out how to boost your brand’s online presence so that people can do business with you more easily? In just a bit we’re going to show you how to do exactly that.

Throughout decades of experience in the industry, we’ve seen a wide range of performances in the digital space — from some of our clients reaching excellent visibility, to businesses investing in digital yet still remaining hidden from the market.

The fact of the matter is that being hidden means not generating revenue… But even worse, it can mean losing money.

Why You Should Consider Boosting Your Online Presence

Here’s the — somewhat obvious — fact: Successful businesses today are visible in their marketplace.

If they weren’t found, they would stand absolutely no chance of being considered by potential buyers.

Yet with such a confusing number of ideas about online marketing floating around, decision-makers are more confused than ever about what should be the first step towards boosting their presence.

Many agencies begin by offering to implement singular tactics — whether it be SEO, paid advertising, app development, social media, among many others — without taking into consideration the end goal that will actually move a business forward.

We think this is unfortunate. And we also think there’s a much better way.

The End Game of a Boost

Let’s take a quick minute and use your company as an example. Imagine a world in which, when customers and decision-makers have a very particular need or desire, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way between them and your solution.

Imagine a reality in which, no matter where your online presence may be at this point in time, your level of visibility is heightened to a point where your company is the obvious option that fulfills their need or desire.

  • How would this impact your revenue reports this upcoming quarter?
  • Would this reality set your business up for success for the rest of the year?
  • And — just possibly — would this evolve your brand, at such a level that you could then consider the present as “Before,” while you fully enjoy the fruits of your new “After”?

The Proper Way to Boost Your Online Presence

This reality we’ve described is not a vague, distant dream. It is absolutely possible by following the right process, which we’ll describe for you below.

In order to Boost your online presence, there are just six steps you need to take:

  • Diagnose
  • Fix
  • Strategize
  • Develop
  • Distribute
  • Analyze

Let’s look at each step in detail:

  • 1


    The first action is to carefully observe where your business’ presence is at right now, all things considered, including: the quality — in terms of design, compliance, and clarity — of your online presence, your current competition, and the attractiveness of your offer.

  • 2


    Most of the time, the diagnosis reveals issues that need to be fixed, such as problems found by search engines, mobile-compatibility issues, lack of clarity with copy, and others. At this stage, you should also ensure that your design and copy are centered around a conversion goal, and as a last step tracking codes are placed on all live elements, so you can make sure everything is measurable.

  • 3


    Here you need to define what success looks like in your specific business case, in a measurable fashion. Only after defining your goals, should you proceed to build tactics and actions that will help get you there, including paid advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media strategies, among many other possible tactics… But only tactics that help you.

  • 4


    Following the strategy you outlined, you’ll now have a clear idea of which creative assets you will need to develop in order to impress and attract your target audience — No need to dedicate resources on anything that won’t move your specific business forward.

  • 5


    Now that your assets are ready, you can now distribute them online according to a careful, organized plan. The correct channels, times, and levels of audience segments will be key to a proper distribution.

  • 6


    The only way to find out which actions need to be amplified, and those that need to be corrected, is to constantly measure, report, and take action on the findings.

By applying this process, YMMY Marketing’s clients have been able to elevate their visibility, and in the process they have increased their market share while evolving their brand.


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