Content Rundown For Your Business Website

The following form will guide you towards providing us with all of the content we need in order to develop your website.

Before you begin to fill out this form, you will need to have these items readily available (if you want to have these on your website):

  • – Headshot photos of your leader
  • – Product photos
  • – Logo files (if YMMY is not designing your logo)
  • – Client testimonials

If you do not have these available, yet wish to feature these on your website, please come back to this form when you are ready to provide these.

If you submit this form with incomplete information, and request to send any of these items later, this request will be considered a change order, and additional fees WILL apply.

Please note: Our Content Development phase will not be considered complete until you have completed all items in this form, and therefore the website development project could be delayed. We recommend filling this form out at your earliest convenience.